Our Values

 DJD ,  core values guide our actions as we work to achieve the best results. These values shows our character and our inspiration to have vibrant culture where the people can work out, the ideas can flourish and the success can blossom.

Our Mission

As a leading company in the field of ready-made food, we are always keen to provide what is new and innovative at the best quality and affordable prices for all consumers in addition to our keen to run our capabilities and knowledge to provide the best for the consumer inside and outside Jordan

Our Vision 

 To provide our clients with good, nutrition, high quality products and make their life easier as well.
 Our Products

Of the bounties of our country

Flavored Milk
Fresh Juice
All Products
All Products
All Products
Our message

Deliver products of high nutritional value and enrich the lives of consumers every day.


We strive to make our products the preferred choice of the consumer through our leadership in the target markets and provide food and beverages distinctive



We do business with high flexibility and efficiency, and with confidence we make bold decisions that promote the interest of our company. 


We work in a team spirit, cooperate transparently and share knowledge and skills to be our best employees.
We are proud of our work and always strive to achieve outstanding results.


We always strive to develop our business and maximize the creativity of our employees.


 We gain respect through our commitment to justice, trust and integrity in all our relationships.

Quality first and always

Since 1983 our company has been meeting the needs of the growing domestic market. Despite the changes in our business, the company will remain faithful to its fundamental principle of quality and lasting trust, by providing products that our customers can trust.
Our company is committed to the application of the highest standards of international quality and provide products that meet the needs of our consumers of varieties and safe food drinks. Every day we monitor the stages and production lines by subjecting them to continuous and rigorous testing and testing from the moment of receiving the raw product and passing through all stages of production step by step to the distribution of the final product to the refrigerated folders where it reaches the consumer daily high quality trusted. We have succeeded in reaching the trust of our customers and have become their best choice through our strict application of high quality standards and international standards.

production capacity

    The company's production capacity is about (100) tons per day and the utilized capacity is about (60) tons / day. All the products of the company are free of preservatives as they are made from pasteurized and sterilized fresh cow milk from the company's farms.

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