Our Farm
The Jordanian Agricultural and Animal Investment Union Company launched a project to establish a dairy farm in Al-Halabat area to produce raw milk and send it to the company's factories for processing and marketing. The company imported 1200 cows from Sweden and Australia. Delafal type, and cows have been built for cows and herd growing for 3300 heads on an area of ​​300 dunums until the daily production amounts to 60 tons of raw milk and the company is developing the farm herd and renewed annually through the latest methods of naturalized pollination and import feel N breeds for pollination of cows also in the project of the company plant desalination of drinking water, which helps to increase production and give excellent quality of raw milk


The Farm is located in al-hallabat area near al-hallabat Palace in Zarqa.

Farm Landscape

320 Donom

Yearly Productive Capacity

22000 ton of Raw Milk

Cows number



30 ton a day of Corn clover,yellow corn,barley,Bran and Fodder

Automatic milking machine

2 delaval automatic milking machine (58 primary milking machine and 28 secondary milking machine)

Feeding Method

By using mixers on tractors 4 Mixers and 4 tractors

Babby Cows Nursery

2 Nurseries each one hold 250 Incubation

Water Well

Produces 500 cubic meters per day with a cistern and desalination station for drinking water


65 Employee and 20 Administrators


our cows are vaccinated yearly against epidemic diseases such as respiratory diseases and viral intestinal disease

MILK Tanks

The fresh raw milk moved every day to company factory

Farm Gallery